Farhan Sarwar | CEO

Financial success whilst putting people first

Farhan“My father taught me how to grow the family business and most importantly how to responsibly shape the future. I learnt to make wise decisions that generate financial success whilst putting our people first. I also learnt how to make sure that expansion never jeopardises business success and job security.

But we at NRS International and HSNDS have gone one step further: we invest in our community’s future. Through our Bilqees Sarwar Foundation we now offer healthcare to more than 180,000 patients every year in our very own hospital, and provide thousands of children with quality education. This is how we nurture our future generations.”

About Farhan Sarwar

Oldest of the four sons, Farhan Sarwar, has over 20 years of experience in the relief industry. He is well-versed and has a proven track record of exceptional learning ability and application towards achieving accelerated results. He has extensive hands on experience of handling a business independently. Farhan Sarwar is also founder of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, the charitable arm of NRS International. Please read the founder’s story on the website of our influential charity, click here

Ahmar Sarwar | Executive Director of Finance

Financial stability is the backbone of sustainable success

Ahmar“Financial stability is the backbone of our sustainable growth and I take it upon myself to ensure that we make financially sound decisions. Our solid financial foundation creates opportunities for further expansion and we heavily invest in research and development.

This enables us to create enhanced and innovative products that improve the lives of those most vulnerable. I see it as my duty to safeguard this process to serve those who need it the most.”


About Ahmar Sarwar

Ahmar Sarwar is a highly business oriented professional with over 15 years of experience in the relief industry.  After completion of his MBA, Ahmar Sarwar went on to become responsible for the Import/Export Department, accounts finance function, investment appraisal, due diligence/internal audit, commercial affairs and tax compliance.


Furqan Sarwar | Executive Director of Production

Investing in lean and high quality production processes

Furqan“From my perspective, shaping a sustainable future means investing in lean and high quality production processes, where there is a strong focus on quality control and quality assurance. Our relief products need to perform under extreme conditions and we need to ensure the highest quality.

In addition, we seek out environmentally friendly ways of production. We continuously look to reduce energy consumption, and now power parts of our facilities with solar panels to reduce fossil fuel consumption.”

About Furqan Sarwar

Furqan Sarwar is a talented and accomplished professional with extensive background in manufacturing, production, quality assurance and procurement. He is highly knowledgeable in best sourcing and lean manufacturing and is familiar with product development, product ramping and process enhancement. He has a consistent record of improving production and reducing costs.

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