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Making a difference to the lives of 300 nuns in Nepal


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Emergency relief is the nature of our business and requires a holistic and sustainable approach. In April 2015, NRS International faced a complex disaster when a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. Our aim was to effectively assist affected communities through an integrated and immediate response. In this very rewarding case, we witnessed our multi-purpose tents being put to inspirational use at the prominent Amitabha monastery in Nepal, making a difference to the lives of 300 nuns.

As Award logoa result of this innovative, integrated and immediate response approach, we were shortlisted for the UPS International Disaster Relief Award. This recognises businesses that make a unique contribution to addressing international disasters and help communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.




Rapid Response

Two field assessments

We were the first relief supplier to travel to Nepal to identify emergency relief needs on the ground. This proved to be the foundation of our successful operation. A second mission followed several months later to build partnerships.

Logistical excellence

We know disaster relief is about 80% logistics and it was no different in this case. Despite logistical challenges, our team managed to get much needed relief items through to Nepal just days after the disaster. Using air, sea and land transportation, we overcame hurdles such as airport closures, landslides, closed borders, and administrative problems securing permits, customs, etc.

Number of shipments


Building Community Resilience

Develop partnerships for response and post-disaster initiative

Relief products supplied

We served a total of 197,800 beneficiaries:

  • 2,000 tents
  • 20,000 tarpaulins
  • 40,000 water containers
  • 10,000 blankets
  • 21,000 mosquito nets
  • 10,000 solar lights


Clients served

We have supplied to UNHCR, Save the Children, Australian Red Cross, Care, Caritas, Islamic Relief, Concern, Handicap International and local NGOs.

Providing in-kind donations through our Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Relief essentials worth USD 8,739.72 were donated through our charitable arm:

  • Solar products for 286 families
  • Blankets for 140 families


Raising Awareness

Internal awareness campaign

IMG_9060An internal fundraising campaign was launched soon after the disaster happened. It made our already dedicated staff even more committed to go the extra mile. Senior management acknowledged these unprecedented efforts and decided to more than double the amount raised from USD 4,000 to USD 8,739.72.

External awareness campaign

We have used our efforts in Nepal to create awareness in the MENA region by launching a public relations campaign to mark 100 days after the quake. This culminated in a radio interview given by our Managing Director Farhaj Sarwar to the leading Dubai radio station, Dubai Eye.

Sharing lessons learned with the academic community

We shared our experiences with the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, and enriched their research, particularly on how we supported international response teams.

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