Female Empowerment Programme

In 2015, NRS International’s Managing Director signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) under the UN Global Compact. The WEPs define seven principles which together form a voluntary framework promoting the advancement of women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

We recognise that the inclusion of women in our workforce drives development and is necessary for success. We therefore regard the WEPs as a corporate priority. Accordingly, we review our day-to-day practices and policies so that we empower, advance and invest in women, both in our company and wherever we do business. To promote the WEPS to a wider audience, we have also become the co-chair of the WEPs local network in the MENA region.

Embedding WEPs in our business

At NRS International, we have taken concrete action to ensure that WEPs are embedded in our business. We have launched a female unit in our factory in Pakistan, completely run and managed by women. This provides a safe space in the factory, employing 200 women, with plans to expand to 500 staff by end of 2017. In Dubai, our staff speak 19 different languages and represent over 14 countries, and 56% are women.

Unique programme in Dubai and Pakistan

Our unique female empowerment programme in Pakistan and in our Dubai headquarters provides female employees the opportunities to enter and strengthen our workplace, hence, opening a door to a brighter future for women, families and for generations to come.

Watch how we raised awareness and showed support for the #HeForShe campaign in our factory in Pakistan:

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