HuggyPRO – Leading the way in camp solution innovation

by Stephen Stocks, Marketing & Communications Manager at NRS International

NRS International follows a cycle of innovation, and once our products have served beneficiaries in the field, we collaborate closely with our clients to incorporate their feedback into the next cycle of product development. We call this ‘Innovation in Action’.

NRS Relief HuggyPRO

This approach can be illustrated by the recent transformation of NRS Relief‘s popular multi-purpose Huggy™ tents into the next generation of camp solutions. The Huggy™ tent was originally developed to be mainly used as a school or accommodation tent, and has now been used successfully in such a way all around the world.

However, we learnt that these tents were being used in much more demanding and specialist applications than had been anticipated. Clients informed us that the tents were being used as field hospitals, that they were being used on missions that exposed the structures to severe weather and other environmental conditions, and even that they were being deployed and transported in new ways. All these issues were highlighted recently in West Africa during the Ebola crisis.

We embarked upon an ambitious research programme to address these challenges, and our research coalesced into three primary development objectives: to enhance tent materials, to increase weather resistance and to broaden the range of possible tent usages. The end result was HuggyPRO™, the next generation field hospital and camp solution.

Newly-engineered, high-performance materials

Our research team went back to the drawing board and developed a brand new PE fabric for the HuggyPRO™ cover, that is strong, durable, lightweight, UV and fire resistant, and impervious to water, rot and mildew. This has the added advantage of being easy to clean, and resistant to most disinfectants and detergents, making the tent ideal for medical uses.

426A1500  426A1504

426A1506  426A1554

A newly-engineered all-steel frame provides a strong yet lightweight structure. This lightness combined with space efficient packaging also means that the tent can be rapidly deployed and at less cost, even by air. All parts of the HuggyPRO™ have been re-designed so that it is quick and easy to assembly, even in the most challenging of environments, with the minimum of manpower.

Shelter whatever the weather

The HuggyPRO™ performs to the highest standards, in both hot and cold climates. It remains cool in direct sunlight, blocks UV and has improved ventilation and large mesh windows. An optional shade cover system adds to user comfort in the hottest climates. The tent does not absorb moisture or break up in subzero temperatures, and the stronger frame improves wind and snow load resistance.

Internal comfort can be further improved by adding an inner tent and extra winter liner. Users can also install their own AC and hot air heating systems, if required in the most extreme weather situations.

One solution to meet all camp needs

The HuggyPRO™ has a modular design with a choice of three sizes: 24m2, 42m2 and 72m2, with a width of 6m. Multiple tents can be connected lengthways to create much larger structures. A range of optional accessories further broadens the potential uses of this tent.

The HuggyPRO™ tents offer sufficient space to place hospitals beds opposite each other, leaving room for a walkway in between. The tents can be fitted with an inner tent and partition walls to create separate areas for triage, treatment and hospitalisation. By connecting several tents together, each tent can have an individual function such as operating theatre, ICU, radiology or storage. The HuggyPRO™ is well ventilated, yet keeps sand, dust and water out, and the new PE cover makes it easy to disinfect and clean.

Huggypro Hospital ward     Huggypro Operation theatre with Pre-op and Recovery

The HuggyPRO™ is also an ideal accommodation solution and provides efficient space to place field beds or bunk beds opposite each other. With partition wall curtains the space can be divided in different areas, and when the tent needs to accommodate people for longer periods, individual sleeping cabins may be installed for added comfort and privacy.

MPT-42-cubicals4    MPT-42-field beds

The tent is also ideal for administrative use, such as offices, staff accommodation or command post. It is also well-suited to support uses such as providing appropriate space for kitchen, dining rooms or shower facilities.

For more information on NRS Relief’s HuggyPRO™ and other multi-purpose tents, click here.

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