Emergency response to the Myanmar crisis

27 Sep 2017

In just the past month, 480,000 Rohingyas have poured into Bangladesh, one of the largest mass refugee movements in Asia in decades. An international humanitarian response is now delivering aid essentials to the refugees fleeing their homes in Myanmar. Accordingly, NRS International has activated its ‘Rapid Response Roster’, so that aid agencies and local authorities get the required supplies of emergency response materials.

Please email us at bdm@nrs-international.com for our up-to-date stock list and availability of relief items. Click here for our product overview.

We are working 24/7 with our customers, and orders of of non-food items such as thermal blankets, refugee tents and mobile storage units are already being dispatched from our warehouses to the crisis area.

To illustrate the acute need for humanitarian aid and emergency response materials, we’re sharing with you a video portrait of the roadside settlements in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh, as published by UNHCR.

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