Ulinzi Latex places largest-ever order for condom manufacturing equipment with Richter Hi-Tech

22 Sep 2016

Ulinzi Latex, the recently-launched male latex condom manufacturer, has placed the largest-ever order for condom production and testing machinery with Malaysia-based Richter Hi-Tech, the leading supplier of condom manufacturing technology.

Ulinzi Latex will install this machinery in the first production module of its manufacturing facility, HSNDS Latex, which is currently being built on a greenfield site in Lahore, Pakistan. This first phase of development will produce 1.2 billion condoms each year. Capacity will then be built up in stages until the annual target production of 8 billion pieces is reached in 2022, making Ulinzi Latex the largest producer of condoms globally by volume.

Mr. Karl-Heinz Rathsam, Head of Business Development & Sales at Ulinzi Latex said: “We awarded this contract to Richter Hi-Tech because, put simply, we want to work with the best. However, our whole philosophy at Ulinzi Latex is to do the unprecedented, and to do this we need to apply fresh thinking to every aspect of our operation. We have our own original ideas, and through Richter Hi-Tech’s expertise and innovation we will further enhance advanced technology to make these a reality.”

A key component of the Ulinzi Latex order is for condom dipping lines, each of which are capable of producing 300,000 condoms each day. In a first-of-its-kind development, Ulinzi Latex will collaborate with Richter Hi-Tech to optimise these machines so that they use significantly less electricity and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the manufacturing operation.

Richter Hi-Tech is a German owned and managed company based in Malaysia, specialised in the production of condom manufacturing machinery. Their advanced technology is based on state-of-the-art precision German engineering, which has become an international benchmark for condom manufacturing excellence around the world. Leading global brands are produced with this technology.

Mr. Fabian Knauthe, Managing Director of Richter Hi-Tech, commented: “I’m personally very excited that we have been selected by Ulinzi Latex to be part of their ambitious new project. Our technology is seen around the world as the symbol for excellence in condom manufacturing machinery, and we are trusted to deliver solid design, reliability and high performance. Ulinzi Latex aspires to take condom manufacturing to the next level, and we will be their steadfast partner to ensure this happens.”

Ulinzi Latex is part of NRS International, a group of companies that develops and manufactures products for the humanitarian, development and public health sectors. NRS International is investing more than USD160 million into the Ulinzi Latex project to bring new impetus in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to give greater access to family planning globally.

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