Quality Management

Our factory uses the latest technology to manufacture products that meet the highest technical standards of international and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). We have an independent quality management department directly reporting to the CEO. And at every single level of our organisation, our colleagues feel a shared desire to make processes and outcomes better every day.

Quality Control

We conduct stringent quality checks throughout the production process. Our quality control team inspects all incoming raw materials and performs random inspections to ensure compliance with specifications. An independent laboratory makes tests during key production stages and conducts a final audit before shipment to a customer.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team performs random process/system audits to improve our production and quality management. Quality objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) are defined for each individual department. Based on the KPI assessment, the quality management teams continue to assess processes and suggest training needs.

Certificates (ISO/SA)

We are proud that our company complies with the following ISO certifications:

  • ISO 14000: 2004 Environmental Management
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management, Sales, BusinessĀ Development, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Relief Supplies
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Manufacture of Insecticidal Mosquito Nets
  • ISO 17025: 2005 Testing and Calibration
  • SA 8000: 2008 Social Accountability
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