Our Impact in 2017-2018

Products with a purpose, from factory to field

Relief and health essentials dispatched to  138 million beneficiaries

We played a significant role in the response to crises around the world and we will continue to build strong public-private partnerships for effective and responsible relief operations.

NRS International | Our Impact 2016-2017

The demand of our sector is highly volatile due to the unpredictability of the occurrence of natural disasters and unexpected humanitarian crises. Our strategy to diversify our portfolio, widen our client base and invest in new territories has paid off. We have served 71 clients in 2017-2018 and dispatched goods to 67 countries. This is the result of the commitment of our business development team, who have traveled to humanitarian hotspots and fostered local relationships with clients.

impactGlobally, 138 million lives have been improved by the use of our products.*

clientsOur key clients

  • WFP
  • MSF
  • PSM / Chemonics
  • IDA Foundation
  • PSI
  • IRC

*From July 2017 to June 2018, NRS International sold 77.1 million life-improving products (15.5 million more than in 2016-2017) to a wide range of UN and aid agencies, targeting 138 million people.

Top countries served

  • Nigeria
  • DRC
  • Madagascar
  • Pakistan
  • Ghana
  • Bangladesh
  • South Sudan
  • Jordan
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
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