Assuring long term development by effectively responding to families in need

The International Day of Families is celebrated each year on 15 May. Families have always represented the foundation of social life, ensuring the well being of their members, educating and socialising children and caring for young and old. Yet when a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis strikes, families are often put under immense strain as they struggle to cope with a new unexpected reality.

We are currently witnessing the greatest levels of human suffering since the Second World War. In Syria, families are struggling for survival, and those who have escaped to neighbouring countries are facing daily challenges. Others are risking their lives on the way to Europe. For families, the consequences of being uprooted from all that is familiar can seem overwhelming.

NRS International is dedicated to respond to such families in need by designing, manufacturing and supplying products that enable family life to continue, regardless of the challenges of the new situations in which they find themselves.

NRS Relief continues to develop and expand its comprehensive range of core relief items and aid essentials, designed to bring comfort to families in any situation. TANA Netting is committed to protecting families threatened by malaria and other vector-borne diseases by providing cost-effective and high-quality preventive products. And NRS Relief’s newly launched solar brand, Enlight, gives families the power to live normal lives after dark through its solar products, improving connectivity, enhancing safety, and reducing crime and gender-based violence.

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From a policy perspective, responding effectively in the short term to families affected by crises can improve longer term sustainable development, and contributes to the achievement of many of the ambitious targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, the proper response to families in need can support SDGs 1 to 5, relating to doing away with poverty and hunger; ensuring healthy lives and promoting of well-being for all ages; ensuring educational opportunities throughout the lifespan and achieving gender equality.

In 2014-15 alone, we supplied 42 million products to 66 clients, which were then distributed globally to 75 million beneficiaries. By combining the strengths of our subsidiary companies, NRS International products aim to improve the lives of families suffering due to humanitarian crises and natural disasters. Learn more about our impact, here.

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