Introducing GeoHome – NRS Relief’s next generation of family tent

Our subsidiary NRS Relief recently collaborated with shelter design specialists at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) / International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to develop a new tent with the aim of fully meeting all minimum requirements, at the lowest possible cost. This led to the transformation of our popular Viva™ Family Tent (ICRC/IFRC Standard) into the next generation of refugee tent – the GeoHome. In this way even greater numbers of refugees and displaced people can be housed and protected from the elements.

The design philosophy

The design of the new tent aimed to improve beneficiaries’ living standards by focusing on a number of key areas:

Easier transportation and set-up

The GeoHome can be rapidly deployed in the aftermath of any emergency. Once on site, the new simple structural design means that it takes people just 15 minutes to fully erect the refugee tent.

Increased stability and wind resistance

Door (6)_Easy-Resize.comThe GeoHome was designed so that it could withstand 100km/h winds without incurring any damage and remaining securely attached to the ground. A stronger frame, shock absorbers and pockets to firmly secure the tent into the ground were incorporated into the final design.

Mitigating fire risk

NRS Relief was the first company to introduce fully fire retardant (FR) tents and tarpaulins. This innovation improves safety in refugee camps and prevents loss of property, injury and death. The GeoHome is fully fire retardant and adheres to the CPAI 84  specification. This gives beneficiaries ample time to evacuate the tent in the case of fire.

Adaptability to diverse climates

The new tent has improved insulation in order to reduce the inner temperature in hot climates, an enhanced shade net and re-engineered ventilation. All stitching, seams, and webbing and rope connections are designed to ensure full waterproofing, and to avoid water penetration into the interior. Furthermore, the overall design of the tent, and in particular the bathtub ground sheet, prevents dust, draughts and pests from entering.

Greater living space

NRS Relief GeoHome Inner Tent - greater living space

The GeoHome has an interior space of 18.3 sqm, a 14% increase from the previous ICRC/IFRC Standard family tent.


Cover materials are 100% synthetic with a guaranteed 5-year shelf life. All material can be reused, recycled or safely disposed.

Key features overview

The GeoHome’s product highlights include a new stronger frame, longer-lasting synthetic covers, shock absorbers, an enhanced shade net, bathtub ground sheet and improved ventilation. Fully fire retardant, UV-resistant and waterproof, this tent can be deployed in diverse environments.

Check out this video showcasing GeoHome’s key features:



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