Female Empowerment Programme

In 2015, NRS International’s Managing Director signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) under the UN Global Compact. The WEPs define seven principles which together form a voluntary framework promoting the advancement of women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

We recognise that the inclusion of women in our workforce drives development and is necessary for success. We therefore regard the WEPs as a corporate priority. Accordingly, we review our day-to-day practices and policies so that we empower, advance and invest in women, both in our company and wherever we do business. To promote the WEPS to a wider audience, we have also become the co-chair of the WEPs local network in the MENA region.

Embedding WEPs in our business

At NRS International, we have taken concrete action to ensure that WEPs are embedded in our business. We have launched a female unit in our factory in Pakistan, completely run and managed by women. This provides a safe space in the factory, employing 200 women. In Dubai, our staff speak 19 different languages and represent over 14 countries, and 56% are women.

Female empowerment programme in Dubai and Pakistan

Sustainable Development Goal number 5 calls for gender equality and the empowerment women and girls. At NRS International we stand by these commitments – as demonstrated by our business operations. In 2017 we relaunched a safe female-friendly production unit at HSNDS. This unit is completely staffed and managed by women, and currently employs 200 skilled members of staff.

Story of Khalida – WEPs in practice

Khalida is one of our employees working at the HSNDS female unit. Acting as Deputy Supervisor in the sewing department, Khalida is responsible for stitching TANA Netting’s DawaPlus® long-lasting insecticidal nets, which protect people from malaria. In addition, she provides training to new staff. As a widow and the main breadwinner of the family, Khalida works tirelessly to provide a better future for her four daughters and two sons. Khalida and two of her children have been working at HSNDS for three years now.

Watch Khalida’s story here:

Investing in women

“We believe in equal opportunities for all, especially in countries where we traditionally see a low labor force participation rate among women. In the knowledge that women can produce our nets just as well as men, it makes perfect sense to offer equal employment opportunities to both sexes.”

Rune Bosselmann, Director of TANA Netting

Proudly stitched by Pakistani women

“According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2016, Pakistan ranks second to last worldwide in gender-based disparities. We want to challenge this unacceptable statistic. We are proud to say that Pakistani women make products for NRS International. We believe that a mosquito net that helps someone in Africa can empower women in Pakistan as well.”

Francesca Cocozza, Head of Business Development & Sales at NRS International

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