Empowering the people of Nigeria through TANA Netting’s ‘DawaPlus: Made In Africa’ project

Last year, our subsidiary TANA Netting opened a long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) manufacturing facility in Nigeria, a country that carries almost 30% of the global malaria burden. The production, a partnership with our contracted manufacturer, Rosie’s Textiles Ltd., is part of TANA Netting’s ‘DawaPlus: Made In Africa’ program that aims to foment local development by providing local employment. With this project, TANA Netting has been awarded the ‘Distinction in Local Development and Empowerment’ in Malaria Programming category at the recent West Africa Regional Malaria Safe Awards by GBC Health‘s Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA).

Check out this personal testimony from our colleague Chima Nzeakor, Business Development and Sales Executive at NRS International, as he talks about his contribution to this award-winning project:

“Empowering the people of Nigeria is a key driver behind the ‘Cut-to-Pack’ long-lasting insecticidal nets project. I am proud to contribute to TANA Netting’s commitment to localize production where it truly matters. By operating a production facility where treated rolls of netting material are cut, sewn and packaged, we create valuable employment opportunities.”

TANA Netting - Empowering the people of Nigeria through our DawaPlus: Made In Africa project

TANA Netting’s ‘Cut-to-Pack’ LLINs workforce that proudly produces nets in Nigeria.

“As part of the sales support team, I ensure that the required raw materials for the completion of the finished products are delivered to our facility in Aba. This material has to be in conformity with the donors’ specification and World Health Organization guidelines.

“Since the project requires close collaboration between the factory in Pakistan, the facility in Nigeria and the Dubai office, a high level of coordination is required to maintain effective communication. It gives me great satisfaction to manage this process and safeguard the smooth production process.”

Local production, highest standards

The factory operates on a cut-to-pack principle, whereby treated LLIN material is shipped in bulk to Nigeria from our manufacturing base in Lahore, Pakistan. It is then locally cut, sewn, packed, stored and distributed to beneficiaries in the country. This allows us to meet specific local needs more responsively and effectively while retaining control of the core processes such as chemical treatment through our engineers and laboratories.

TANA Netting - Empowering the people of Nigeria through our DawaPlus: Made In Africa project


This story originally appeared in our 2016-2017 Annual Report.

If you wish to secure a copy, contact marketing@nrsinternational-fzco.com.

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