Innovation supports sustainability

At NRS International, we strive to pioneer products that meet the needs of the end user. Since the launch of our ‘Innovation in Action’ campaign in 2015, we have introduced various game-changing products following this holistic, collaborative approach.

Our product developments are beneficiary-driven, sustainable and evidence-based. The solutions are the outcome of a cross-cutting process in which each individual and/or institution contributes. We follow a cycle of innovation that invites all actors to contribute to the optimal product. This collaboration model is applied to every single relief item that we manufacture, from water buckets to tarpaulins, from refugee shelter and multipurpose tents to long-lasting insecticidal nets. This results in better quality results, greater client and beneficiary satisfaction, and technological breakthroughs that have a real social impact.

Our recent innovations

Fire retardancy

We are the first supplier to bring fully fire retardant tents and tarpaulins to the field, which took years of extensive research and development. This significant milestone has made refugee camps safer.

Jerry Bucket

The Jerry Bucket is the result of our subsidiary NRS Relief‘s collaboration with Oxfam’s WASH team. The improved design of the 14L bucket creates a stackable safe water container that is easy to clean and will reduce the risk of water contamination.

Co-insecticide long-lasting insecticidal nets

The new-generation DawaPlus® 3.0 and DawaPlus® 4.0 LLINs supplied by our subsidiary TANA Netting offer long-lasting co-insecticide netting that uses proprietary dual-insecticide release technology to improve nets efficacy. Designed specifically for regions in which mosquitoes have developed metabolic resistance to pyrethroid insecticides, the Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) co-insecticide helps to suppress the resistance mechanism, allowing the insecticide to be recover its efficacy. PBO is incorporated into the netting, which acts alongside the deltamethrin.

NRS International subsidiary - TANA Netting - DawaPlus 3.0 and 4.0 synergist mosquito nets LLINs

Canopy Hammock

The DawaPlus® Canopy Hammock is designed to reduce malaria transmission in the remote forests of the Greater Mekong Subregion and was developed in partnership with the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp.

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