Ms. Mia Pagh

DesignationBusiness Development & Sales Manager

Region USA | Canada

Languages Spoken English | Danish | German

Ms. Mia Pagh

About Me

I was born and raised in Denmark. With a passion for human rights and global dynamics I finished my Bachelor of Science in Cultural Communication, while managing various projects within international NGOs headquartered in Copenhagen. I was lucky to have the opportunity to study in New Zealand, Thailand and the US before I finished my Master in International Development and Intercultural Communications.

My work with NRS International nurtures and deepens my interest in global development and humanitarian assistance. I am proud and lucky to be part of the NRS International family and to be working with a dynamic team that shares my passion and motivation – to do what is in our power to make an impact on the lives of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

At NRS International we have an incredibly diverse multinational and multilingual team. Engaging with my colleagues from these many cultures, exploring their different perspectives on life and discovering their experiences of a wide range of economic, political and social conditions adds a rare strength and understanding to our work.

The ongoing emergency response to the Nepal earthquake has shown us how the world joined forces to help the people of Nepal in their hour of need. Alongside the international humanitarian community, NRS International worked day and night to support the Nepalese government, aid agencies and humanitarian organisations to impact and improve the lives of the Nepalese. It makes me truly proud to be a part of this global coordination.

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