Get the message through our client-driven multimedia communications

As part of our commitment to providing concise and essential communications to clients and stakeholders, NRS International is focusing on client-driven multimedia communications. In the age of information overload, we want to reduce the noise and make meaningful information more accessible. The aim is to stay connected whenever, wherever.

Visual communication


Our in-house team produces quality videos that provide in-depth information and further insights about our products and services. These include:

  • emergency response and crisis communications;
  • step-by-step video guides to assembling our family tents and multipurpose shelters, which you can download for offline use (i.e. when you’re out in the field with no Internet);
  • 30-second clips showing the key features of our products;
  • detailed production processes that show how each of our products are manufactured according to the highest technical standards;
  • corporate videos and product innovations;
  • factory videos and behind-the-scenes footages; and
  • storytelling videos of people behind the products.

Visit our video gallery here.

NRS International | Client-driven multimedia communications

Did you know?

Interactive websites

Our interactive and responsive web portals offer a wealth of information and additional resources that you need – and more:

Go to our video gallery | Visit our photo gallery


To ensure you stay updated, we send out dedicated newsletters on a regular basis. Our promise is not to spam you, but to send relevant information such as monthly stock reports, emergency stock reports, product launch announcement, and inspiring, industry-relevant reads. Subscribe to our newsletters by hitting the ‘Subscribe’ button at the bottom right of our homepage at

NRS International LoveCoats project MEPRA Awards 2017Social media

We are all social. Over the years, we have built up a social community that allows virtual connections, sharing of pressing information and promote engagement. Social media in a business environment has become a relevant tool for us not only to connect, but also to generate business and receive enquiries from untapped territories.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube channels now.

Public awareness

We conduct public relations (PR) campaigns in an effort to address pressing global issues and take action. Our CSR-driven campaigns aim to advocate and raise awareness of humanitarian crises around the world. Learn more about our successful PR campaigns and our #LoveCoats project with designer Helen Storey and the TIGER Girls in Za’atari refugee camp by visiting our News section.

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