NRS International participates at international refugee conference in Beirut

NRS international was honoured to participate in a conference organised by Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) in Beirut on 4 May. The conference took as its theme The International Refugees Crisis: What’s Next?

Lebanon montage

Since 2010, a series of international events has led to some of the world’s largest humanitarian crises, particularly in the Arab world, with unprecedented movements of people fleeing war, persecution and poverty. Lebanon has already hosted more than two million Syrian refugees in addition to the already established half a million Palestinian refugees. Against this backdrop, URDA considers the refugee crisis as an international humanitarian priority, and convened the conference to promote international and cross-cultural networking and build mutual support, shared learning and cooperation.

This year’s conference brought together more than 300 diplomats, politicians, decision makers, civil society activists, international non-governmental organisations and academics in one place. We interacted with these multiple stakeholders to get an even greater understanding of the regional situation, and to explore the myriad needs and concerns of the stakeholders present.

As part of this programme, we will be attending URDA’s field trip on 5 May to Syrian refugee camps throughout Lebanon, to gain a valuable insight into how beneficiaries use core relief items. By adopting such a multilateral approach, we can ensure that our products are fit-for-purpose and ultimately improve the lives of those beneficiaries most in need.

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