NRS Relief launches new LegendMEDI medical tent

NRS Relief, part of NRS International, recently launched the latest addition to its enviable range of multipurpose tents – the LegendMEDI medical tent.

Developed in response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014, which has cost over 11,000 lives, this breakthrough product offers separate, easy-to-disinfect cabins for both suspected and confirmed hemorrhagic fever patients. The medical tent is in compliance with MSF‘s quality standards and can also be deployed for schooling, office, storage or temporary shelter purposes . Its 45-sqm structure can accommodate up to 40 persons and can be attached to one another to make a longer structure.

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Treatment solutions

The LegendMEDI tent answers to the specific challenges when treating hemorrhagic fever patients. It offers solutions such as treatment and isolation rooms for both suspected and confirmed patients. The individual cabins for suspected patients prevent cross-contamination between infected and healthy patients. The medical tent is constructed in a way no (infected) material can accumulate on the surface of the tent, in seams or other parts.

Special treatment cabins and other accessories are made of PVC coated polyester or polyethylene tarpaulin with noncorrosive accessories, whereby all seams and attachment points which might get in touch with patients are heat or HF welded. All tent components can be disinfected with chlorine-based disinfectants or other commonly used detergents.

Cabin for confirmed patients

Legend EBOLA-cabin confirmed patients

Main tent + roof cover

Cabin for suspected patients – 4 cabins

Main tent with individual cabin

Main tent with individual cabin

Main tent + extended shade net

Main tent + extended shade net

Main tent with multiple patients cabin

Main tent with multiple patients cabin

Designed for easy operation

LegendMEDI is designed to allow freedom of movement and easy operation like opening and closing of the doors with magnetic closures, while wearing protective clothing. A set of five partitions can be created for separate areas and a closed cabin inside the tent is available as an option. Separate ground sheet is also available in case main tent is used for living conditions or as clinics. A shade net is available as an optional accessory in hot climates. For increased protection from heat, cold, wind, dust, and insects an inner tent with sewed in bath tube type ground sheet is optional.

The tent can be erected on various soil conditions and in different climate conditions, from moderate to tropical.

Watch this step-by-step video guide to assembling the LegendMEDI:

To view the technical specifications and other info, click here.

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