NRS Relief launches Solar Shelter Kit and Enlight Essential solar lamps by Enlight

NRS Relief, part of NRS International, is pleased to announce the latest additions to its range of aid and relief products – the Solar Shelter Kit and the Enlight Essential solar lamps. These innovations are developed by Enlight, NRS Relief’s newly launched solar brand.

The Solar Shelter Kit and the Enlight Essential are durable solar products that promise to bring a better life to those living in temporary settlements in the aftermath of natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

NRS Relief Enlight Solar Shelter Kit

Introducing the Solar Shelter Kit

The Solar Shelter Kit is a latest technology solar lamp with phone charging option. It is fit-for-purpose for use in humanitarian settings and is compatible with any shelter, with an easy-to-use universal panel fixation system. This durable and intuitive lamp is waterproof (IP68) and very bright (140 lumen for 8 hours on a single charge). It is designed to be a multipurpose lamp that has various lighting options, such as torch, table light and ambiance light.

To know more about the Solar Shelter Kit innovation, watch our video blog:

To download the Solar Shelter Kit technical specifications sheet, click here.

The Enlight Essential up close

Designed for handheld operations in ready-to-deploy environments, the Enlight Essential is a multifunctional, affordable, solar lamp with integrated 0.8Wp solar panel. It is strong and durable (IP54 rating) and protected against dust and water splashes. This compact lamp offers easy fixation options (suspend from ceiling or hang from wall). It also boasts of reliable lighting source (torch runs for five hours, and room light lasts up to 30 hours.

enlight essential solar lamp integrated panel

To download the Enlight Essential technical specifications sheet, click here.

Solar items for aid and relief

NRS Relief believes that everybody should have access to the free, clean and abundant energy of the sun, including over 65.6 million displaced people around the world. Fleeing humanitarian crises and natural disasters, these people often live in makeshift tented settlements and humanitarian camps in remote areas, without electricity. It is for this reason that NRS Relief has expanded its product line to launch the Enlight solar brand — to create solar products specifically designed to meet beneficiary needs and, ultimately, improve their living conditions.

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