NRS Relief winter essentials ready for dispatch 24/7!

NRS Relief | Winter essentials ready for dispatch 24/7

As rising numbers of vulnerable people battle against freezing temperatures, violent snowstorms, heavy rains, and ice-cold winds across the globe, the need for winter assistance has become more urgent than ever.

Ready to produce high volumes

NRS Relief, part of NRS International, is ready to respond to this pressing humanitarian call. Our dedicated team of multicultural and multilingual experts works round-the-clock to address the real needs faced by beneficiaries and we are ready to immediately dispatch winter relief essentials.

NRS Relief | Ready to produce high volumes

Stockpile for immediate deployment from our Pakistan warehouse:

Stockpile for immediate deployment from our Dubai warehouse:

Winterisation Kits improve insulation

NRS Relief | Winter Kit Assembly VideoWe also offer Viva™ Winterisation Kits (UNHCR/ICRC/IFRC Standard), which are highly recommended to improve the insulation against cold for family tents. Each Winterisation Kit comprises of five insulating sleeping mats, one winterisation liner, one partition, one heat-resistant chimney sleeve, and five fibrocement sheets that serve as floor protection for a stove or heater inside the tent. Designed to fit the standard family tent, all the components are fire retardant to the level of the CPAI84 regulation. Our Winterisation Kit can also be customised depending on stove/heater availability or as requested by clients. Watch the video to learn how to assemble our Winterisation Kit.

In addition, we supply sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and stove for winter heating (best when used with the Winterisation Kit).

To inquire about the complete list of emergency relief stocks that are currently available for immediate deployment, please contact

Sharing our expertise

Over the past four decades, NRS Relief has developed an enviable range of core relief products and aid essentials designed to respond to any situation. We fully control our supply chain and manage the entire product development process from manufacturing through to final delivery.

All our products are manufactured by H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons (HSNDS) in Pakistan, our factory that employs 7,000 skilled workers. Please click here for the production capacity. After our products leave the factory, our expert logisticians facilitate the transportation of our products by air, sea and land to wherever they are required, including hard-to-reach destinations, as well as maintaining strategic stocks in Dubai and Lahore.

Share the warmth this winter season!

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