Subsidiary TANA Netting Distributes Life-Saving Mosquito Nets on World Refugee Day

Tana Netting

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (June 19, 2015) – To mark the 2015 World Refugee Day, the Dubai-based supplier of long-lasting insecticidal nets, TANA Netting, has joined forces with the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign by donating half of the 10,000 mosquito nets being sent to refugee families in Africa.

TANA Netting | DAWA Plus® 2.0. Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets

TANA Netting, a member of International Humanitarian City in Dubai, will match contributions made to the Nothing But Nets campaign until the end of June, with an in-kind donation of 5,000 DawaPlus® 2.0 long-lasting insecticidal nets. This special initiative to mark World Refugee Day contributes to The Million Nets Pledge, an initiative launched by Nothing But Nets to distribute one million bednets by 2016 to refugee families at risk from malaria.

Protecting thousands of vulnerable refugees

“We are privileged to play a key role in the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign on World Refugee Day. Our mosquito nets have already been used to great effect in malarious regions around the world and we are delighted that this campaign will help protect thousands of vulnerable refugees,” said Rune Bosselmann, Director of TANA Netting.

Fighting against malaria

TANA Netting is committed to improve people’s lives by fighting malaria and other vector-borne diseases. Its core product – DawaPlus® 2.0 – is a long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) recommended by World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) as a tool for malaria control and prevention. TANA Netting is part of NRS International, a family-owned company manufacturing and developing products for the humanitarian aid, public health and development sectors.

60% of refugees live in malarious regions

Today, there are more than 50 million refugees and families displaced by violence around the world – and 60 percent of those live in areas where malaria is transmitted. Nothing But Nets works closely with its UN partners across sub-Saharan Africa to ensure vulnerable populations including children, refugees, and families displaced by conflict are protected from this deadly disease.

Anyone can join the Nothing But Nets campaign to help protect refugee families from malaria. Visit the website to take the pledge and help save lives.

For more information and high-res photography, please contact: Stephen Stocks Marketing & Communications Manager, NRS International E-mail: Mobile: +97156 441 7426


About TANA Netting

TANA Netting is a subsidiary of NRS International, a group of companies that develops and manufactures products to humanitarian aid, development and public health sectors. TANA Netting takes pride in manufacturing what it sells and adheres to sustainable and ethical business standards throughout the company processes and supply chain. Manufactured in Lahore, Pakistan, TANA Netting’s core product – DawaPlus® 2.0 – is a long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) recommended by World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) as a tool for malaria control and prevention.

About Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in sub-Saharan Africa. Inspired by sports columnist Rick Reilly, hundreds of thousands of people have joined the campaign that was created by the United Nations Foundation in 2006. Since then, Nothing But Nets has raised more than $56 million to help deliver more than nine million bednets to families in need. Campaign partners include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Basketball Association’s NBA Cares, Junior Chamber International, and Major League Soccer’s MLS WORKS. It costs $10 to purchase and deliver an insecticide-treated bednet, provide education on its proper use, and provide other malaria reduction interventions that can prevent this deadly disease. Visit to send a net and save a life.

About The United Nations Foundations

The United Nations Foundation builds public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and broadens support for the United Nations through advocacy and public outreach. Through innovative campaigns and initiatives, the Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems. The Foundation was created in 1998 as a U.S. public charity by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner and now is supported by global corporations, foundations, governments, and individuals. For more information, visit

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