Virtual Disaster Simulation well-received at AIDF

We made history this month when we hosted our first-ever Virtual Disaster Simulation at Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) in Washington DC. Through interactive role play, 70 participants experienced at first hand the challenges of post-disaster supply chains. The NRS International team made this short video of highlights, which was shown at the main conference the next day. Watch to get a flavour of the challenges the participants experienced.


This refreshing and active event, that got the audience moving around, trading, shouting and hustling, was very well received by the high-level audience in Washington. Please find below a few comments from enthusiastic participants:

  • “It was so interesting to observe my own and others’ reactions to the limited and variable information flows, and observe how different people chose to personify governments, NGOs, corporations.”
  • “It revealed a lot about the interests, biases and past experiences each brought to the table. It revealed to me how very little I actually know about my partners’ objectives and perceptions brought to a situation.”
  • “It was incredible and a genius new approach to bring humanitarian experts together and learn how we respond to supply chain issues.”

It was NRS International’s objective to bring experts together to create better collaboration between all the actors in the humanitarian supply chain and to move the sector forward as a community, toward better aid and relief efforts.

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