World Humanitarian Summit marks turning point and sets a new course

Private sector engagement pivotal in accomplishing the new agenda for humanity


A delegation from NRS International concluded their participation in the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. The event aimed to set a new agenda for global humanitarian action to effectively respond to the highest level of human suffering since the Second World War. Our team advocated for a sustainable supply chain, the activation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by relief suppliers, and took part in various private sector events and sessions.

The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) endorsed five responsibilities that together form a new agenda for humanity: to improve aid delivery; support refugees; uphold international law; increase financing; and prevent the crises generating the largest migration flow in 70 years.

World Humanitarian Summit



The two-day summit brought together 55 heads of state, senior government official and other stakeholders from 173 countries. NRS International took part in the Exhibition Fair, dedicated to showcasing the work and products of aid organisations and companies in support of humanitarian action.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in closing remarks that the unique summit had set the humanitarian community on a new course. “It is not an end point, but a turning point”, he stated in a press release issued by WHS.

Ban Ki Moon

As a supplier of relief essentials to the humanitarian sector, NRS International believes that it should contribute to the private sector dialogue and find better ways of collaboration with its clients and partners, focusing on innovation in action and raising the corporate social responsibility bar.

NRS International was represented by Nicole Malick, CSR Manager; Charbel Mater, Business Development Manager MENA Region; and Wieke de Vries, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. They attended various side events and took part in the business breakfast hosted by GBC-Education (of which NRS International is a member), and the private sector breakfast facilitated by UN Global Compact.

An in-depth blog about the new agenda for humanity and the private sector perspective will be published soon. For more coverage, please visit our social media feeds.

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