Renewing our commitment to supply life-saving solutions on World Humanitarian Day

This World Humanitarian Day 2018, NRS International renews its commitment to supply life-saving solutions to our clients responding to the most pressing humanitarian crises all over the world.

Credit: @UNOCHA on Twitter

Credit: @UNOCHA on Twitter


Fifteen years ago, on August 19th, the world witnessed one of the most devastating attacks targeted on humanitarian workers, known as the Canal Hotel Bombing in Baghdad, Iraq. The lives of 22 aid-workers were lost, including the United Nations’ Special Representative in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello.

Since 2008 the World Humanitarian Day is held today in memory of those who have perished while delivering aid, and as a tribute to workers currently risking their lives in humanitarian service. Every year since then, the international humanitarian community has organized global campaigns to raise awareness about the millions of civilians caught between fire on a daily basis during armed conflict.

#NotATarget campaign

The international humanitarian community advocates for the protection of aid-workers and civilians affected by conflict with the “Not a target” global campaign. This year, the United Nations has organized a living petition, which aims to be presented to world leaders at its General Assembly in September.

To quote UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ World Humanitarian Day 2018 message: “Attacks on aid-workers continue to increase and this is unacceptable. Civilians caught up in conflict and humanitarian workers are Not a Target.”

For full message click here.

On this World Humanitarian Day, NRS International stands in solidarity with all civilians trapped by conflict, and with all humanitarian and aid-workers risking their lives to help them. Watch this campaign video:

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