Introducing H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons

From family tents and refugee shelters to long-lasting insecticidal nets, we have built our unsurpassed product expertise for over 40 years. The driving force behind this success is  H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons (HSNDS), our family-owned manufacturing facility in Lahore, Pakistan.


‘From Me To You’ – watch our latest factory video

We’re pleased to share with you our latest factory video which takes a more personal approach on how “we manufacture what we sell.” This concept supports our vision of creating better lives for those who use our relief products, but at the same time, the people who make them. Let us show you our factory and our product line through the eyes of our staff:

Responsible production

Our factory uses the latest production technologies to manufacture products that are 100% compliant with the highest standards of international health organizations and NGOs. All our products are manufactured in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. This helps to retain skilled workers, nurture our reputation within the community, and promotes sustainable practices in our day-today business.

As part of this approach, we strive to continuously reduce waste and our environmental footprint. Strict policies ensure all waste and effluents are handled in accordance with international standards. Lastly, we recognize that female empowerment is fundamental to the progress of communities, and as a result, our factory has a unit completely managed and staffed by women.

NRS International HSNDS production capacityCore relief items and refugee shelters

HSNDS manufactures the full innovative range of NRS Relief’s refugee shelters and core relief items such as tarpaulins, blankets, sleeping mats, winterization kits, and water containers for the humanitarian sector. The factory also produces all our multipurpose tents for medical, educational, logistic and management support use, as well as mobile storage units. Our cost-effective, fit-for-purpose relief products comply with United Nations and leading aid agency standards. The quality of our refugee shelter products and the efficient services that we offer has helped us earn the trust of our clients and partners across the world.

Long-lasting insecticidal nets

TANA Netting is one of the leading suppliers of long-lasting insecticidal nets for malaria control and prevention. Our netting unit managed to produce 60 million DawaPlus® nets, a significant achievement over the past year. The production of DawaPlus® nets benefits from the cutting, sewing and stitching techniques honed over the years by our sister company NRS Relief, an industry leader in core relief items for the humanitarian sector.

Production units

Our factory is spread out over three manufacturing sites, covering a space of 28 football pitches (50 acres) that hosts various specialized production units. Recent upgrades have modernized our manufacturing facilities significantly, offering safe, clean and comfortable work spaces and communal facilities, such as a canteen and prayer areas.

Production capacity

On a monthly production capacity*, our skilled workers take pride in manufacturing up to:

  • 20,000 family tents;
  • 100 mobile storage units;
  • 450,000 tarpaulins;
  • 600,000 blankets;
  • 100,000 water containers;
  • 100,000 sleeping mats; and
  • 7,000,000 long-lasting insecticidal nets.


*Production capacity might vary depending on demand and emergency response situations.

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