Pushing the female empowerment agenda, from board room to factory

Today is International Women’s Day, and we at NRS International celebrate all of the women who are changing the world, starting from our board room to our factory in Pakistan. Check out this personal testimony from our colleague Wieke de Vries, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, as she talks about the importance  of gender equality and how we lead by example through Khalida’s inspiring story:

“NRS International is actively contributing to push the female empowerment agenda, from the board room to the factory. Our senior leadership positions are equally divided between both sexes, ensuring a balanced representation. After all, your vision is blurred when one eye is closed. More importantly, it is an easy business decision. Research demonstrates that eliminating gender discrimination can boost productivity by 40%.”

NRS International | International Women's Day 2018 blog

 Meet Khalida, deputy supervisor at HSNDS female-managed nets stitching unit.

NRS International | International Women's Day 2018 blog infographics

“I’m privileged to be part of this remarkable company. Since I was a young woman, I strongly believed in equal opportunities for men and women, respecting the need for diversity and, at the same time, acknowledging gender differences.

“Our factory in Pakistan, a country that ranks second-last on the Gender Equality Index* , has a production unit exclusively for female workers, which contributes to ending the local stigma of women integrating the workforce.

“There is one woman in particular who inspired me this year, Khalida. With her courage, strength, determination she pursued her career against all odds. Khalida is a widow who works in our Female Unit in Pakistan. Despite the social pressure she faced, Khalida works tirelessly to provide a better future for her five children.

“To quote Khalida, ‘I have always risen above any challenge set in front of me, whether it be a financial crisis or biased social behavior.’ She is a role model to all women out there.”


Watch Khalida’s mini-documentary here

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