Enabling Bright Students to Succeed in a Changing World

As part of its commitment to Pakistani communities, NRS International’s family-run-charity, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF), is dedicated to promoting quality education. As part of this ethos, it has recently granted 20 scholarships worth PKR1.8 million (USD16,924) to the most deserving students at the Customs Public School in Lahore. The scholarship programme will support young students, from 3 to 13 years old, who may not otherwise have enough resources to pursue their primary education.


Education in Pakistan

Pakistan has long struggled to increase school enrollment and approximately 140 million children are out of school.  According to A World at School, militants have destroyed thousands of school buildings, have taken the lives of hundreds of teachers and students, and have denied the right to education to thousands more. As a result, only 87% of Pakistani children finish primary school. In the face of these difficulties, the Customs Public School has been delivering primary school education, with a difference, to the Lahore community since 1982.

Through the scholarship grants, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation will give children the opportunity to attain a quality education. Recipients of the scholarships reported that challenges at home prevented their continued schooling. One student said that her family has absolutely no financial means to support her education, and that she had just lost her father after a prolonged illness. She wants to become an engineer. Another student passed his fifth grade with distinction, but was forced to stop his studies and go out to work due to the imprisonment of his father.

Global challenges in education

NRS International recently joined the Global Business Coalition for Education‘s

list of private companies that together have committed more than USD50 million to support the ‪education of ‪Syrian ‪refugee children. As a member, NRS International is donating multi-purpose tents that can be used as schoolrooms, while simultaneously showcasing its capacity of delivering strategic, innovative solutions for ‪humanitarian response. Through the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, NRS International is extending its pledge to raise the standard of community living by sponsoring quality education in under-developed countries such as Pakistan.

About the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Pakistan that aims to provide public health and education support to the local community. The foundation’s work has evolved over the years, expanding its charitable donations to include public health, education and humanitarian relief priorities. For more information, visit www.bilqeessarwarfoundation.org.

Contact us

To learn more about this scholarship programme, please contact:

Nicole Malick

Partnership Development Manager, Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

4-km Kahan Kacha Road, Off Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Mobile: +971 (0)56 644 9901

E-mail: nicole.malick@bilqeessarwarfoundation.org

Website: http://www.bilqeessarwarfoundation.org

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